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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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academy. we had the department roll out the certify program for the first time officers are visiting games and over and over certifies. we visit on four occasions either the boys and girls clubs or the ymca. although this is part avenue their training they volunteer their time. we invite the youth on a saturday phone number for a jam for lunch. we participated in backpack give waterways we're giving away backpacks in the western this coming saturday. we have a strong partnership
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with the schools and constant subtraction with our dedicated officers in the engage unit. we've been able to stay connected with our youth. and last for the first time the department rolled out the radio program along with the training video. this code has been established to encourage all work groups to spend time with helping kids with homework or just baker. >>. the second recommendations is to insure widespread destruction. we have it in russian and
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japanese and other language. i have the pamphlets conspiracies. the pamphlets have been described to the juvenile justice center and other advocacy locations. the pamphlet is on the website and is accessible to the public. the pamphlets have been described by every academy class. and this is to establish the ufrtsdz school district and the department. it started with the captain o laser a directive was distributed on july 1st in the form of a department bulletin which outlines arrests on school sites. currently we're working with
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kevin from the school district to construct an mo u. it's needing to be final listed. its important to have this completed and the department members trained and in place. this concludes my presentation and i'm prepared for questions >> are there any questions commissioners? >> i i know that mr., true it is here. >> we're working on the m l u. >> thank you. and a did i put you on the spot? >> good evening chief, sir and members of the commission. i'm the superintendent of the department with the school district. i actually enhance with deputy
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chief in march 2011. since there then there's a timeline that they have for distribution. i've worked with the staff who this lady comes with a great history with working with this program. i want though mention that the nature of the mo u we had in place was for a grant we had at that time for the community police in schools. the expiration of that grant expired because we had to have an m l u so the mo u was for the extend of that grant which we no longer have. we're establishing a new mo u and again, you have a timeline
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of the interactions. i want to say to the kohlman advocates specifically public council has had numerous meetings and so has our council and it's been going back and forth by again lieutenant just received it. she's comes to us with a lot of history. she's taking her child to college or she'd be here. we're meeting with the commission to get her latest feedback. so that's where i'm at with that. thank you >> so, now if we could get the i did not get commission. >> while the youth commission
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is coming i believe you have a question? >> i think that commissioner marshall is suggesting we hear from the youth commission first i'll hold my question. thank you >> hello everyone i'm the chairwoman of the youth commission. thank you all police commission for having us here. and also i want to thank the community members here i know that there are folks from the center and director hicks of the organization cc and also thank you to captain for the author update on the strategies that the san francisco pd is.
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so just to give you agreeing a little bit of background. it's a voter mandated body that advise the bodies on the needs of san francisco. and since then we've had a focus on juveniles issues including juvenile and police issues. one of our collaborations is the citizen complaints have been to the police code which is not considered a model among the codes. and just to supervise the recommendations to the public in march 2012 the police commission held the first youth meeting that addressed the relations p we heard from over 70 youth. they speak to the police effort
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and we heard from elementary schools kids who loved meeting with the police officers and also where the areas could be improved. and there were 3 recommendations which were present at the april 4th. and at that time the chief expressed his commitments following the recommendation. so this year we've continued to work with the sf pd. and the 3 recommendations are still among our high priorities. those representations include as you heard before entering the widespre widespread distribution and hopefully, a expensive juvenile police training for now a recruits and an establishment
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with the 70 pd. there's details about the specifics that are in your passage. so next i'd like to turn it over to my colleague to commissioner gomez. good evening commissioners. i'm 16 memorial and part of the youth justice committee. on to our first recommendation. we partnered with folks to pit together a pamphlet. we believe those are important information packets. the sf pd has placed it on the website. the officers in training are instructed to hand those anti, however, the mandatory has expired and we want to see is it
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renewed. we see this as a great step in making sure that youth learn their rights before coming into contact with the police. on this by constructing a pamphlet plan to assist with this effort we have broken it out by police stations and are seeking feedback. onto the next presentation >> good evening commissioners how is everybody doing? i'm angel and i was the vice chair last year. so our second recommendation was a information packet that talks about the youth code.
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we know that modern day you youth acts different than it did 10 years ago. and we're talking about asserting authority and the real life scenarios that give the offers a chance to practice their skills. i want to emphasize having the youth present at those training. the department confirmed with the now a hires are at the clubs and we appreciate that. we know they're working with the youth one-on-one. and the sf pd has encouraged the youth engagement skills. we we know their needed most in the interactions.
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since april of 2013 we've been in training with the police officer recommendation. we've identified an international trainer that meets the criteria. we want to see more training for the police officers with the youth. >> good evening i'm also a member of the san francisco youth commission. i'm here tow present our final recommendations which calls for a recommendation of the san francisco university school district and the police department. wore really interested in revamping and reaffirming some which includes the roles of the sf police department in
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ironically with arrests on school sites and general ifrts on the school sites and also communications between the two entities and also the memory include a commitment that can assist in the development of the training program. we're pleased to be joined by the truant director and also we've looking forward to more communication. we want to be include in this memoranda is the "x" servants from the code and also binding language and specifying what types of school basis would justify an arrest and also the
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process by which an administrator would be informed whether or not an arrest has been made on a school site and also a further elaboration of compass arrests. those are spelled out in the youth commission. part of the reason we're calling for a memorandum is that we feel it's critical there's a unifying document so it shows the rules of the two entities. we feel that an m l u would support the departments with a more successful roll out in the future and will have more positive relationships between
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the officers and the school site staff. we feel that such an agreement would promote school safety and in addition help with an unnecessary amount of arrests on the school districts sites. lastly we want to honor the time and energy for the support. some include the neighborhood site centers and we have represents e representatives in the crowd today. where we are now with respect to this organization we've met with the sf pd in april. the san francisco police department was able to provide other updates at the bay view house in april of this year. we've convened a number of
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community stakeholders that have's strengthened the memoranda more expensive. all this has culminated to establish the original goal it be active for this year we know it's not horrify we're calling on the chief to make a commitment to roll forward with this so we have young people who are protected by the policy. we appreciate that and i want to invite up to this stage kevin who will talk about the commitment for this proposal >> first, i want to thank the police commission as well as the police department and the school district to help create this
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document. kohlman advocates has been around for thirty years. primary we work with youth of color and that's in district 10 and 11. we're excited about the progress. we're getting close to something happening. we'd like to see it happen this semester. so when the parents and the police have interaction on the school compasses we've hoping to connect with the police chiefs and get something knocked out to thank you so much. and now we want to bring back the commissioner to talk about the next steps and how to move forward with this >> thank you, commissioners i
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know that some of those questions have been answered. one it the expensive - this is standardizing the pamphlet to juvenile arrest folks. and four what is the timeline for an establishment with an m l u and how can the community provided feedback. number 4 is really important because it's the sooner we can get this done the sooner we can get this in place so thank you guys >> okay. let's take questions. could i have the power point back. commissioner i think it was
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rodriguez was it? and perhaps the captain can help me. on the m l u question in particular in establishing the offenses or the types of activities that go on that would cause police interaction in a school setting. it's not possible to list every offense. we're talking about general guidelines that i assume would require both police and school district interaction; is that correct? >> so of the friend of mine we've received and i want to contend people for their input with working with us. if i can add anything to question four we can do this
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very, very quickly. the revision and everything that's been checked into it we're down to the minute. and that's the list of offenses. there was a list that was provided that listed some of the offenses that could be arrestable and there were some of those that were in ed code. some of suspendable and some are not. this is arrestable and some are not. i do have some feedback it's a line item and that's a section of legal. we've realized 95 percent of the m l u. and that's really in part to a lot of the comments we've had. there's one edited version that
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was pulled out that's arrestable and that one section. yeah. - >> just a comment from legal i'm assuming from the legal counsel at the school district. >> yes. we've got some response to the edited version i was given in the last meetings with the kohlman and council. >> okay. >> i'm sorry commissioner kingsley. >> thank you. thank you for your excellent presentations all around captain and from the i did not get commission. very much appreciate it. and although from kohlman advocates as well. thank you. the pamphlet - all of the work you're doing and the
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collaboration is really fabulous and your to be commended thank you. i know that everyone on our commission appreciates it. with regards to the know our rights for youth. there are two questions i had around that. one is for captain la sar we understand we have the dj r and there's a bulletin that's in the process of being republished perhaps but i think those documents address what officers are to do when stopping or detaining or taking in custody youth and those probably encompass a lot of the things in this brochure.
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so i think the use of the agencies use in the training for youth is wonderful. it's excellent. what is being done at the time when you and the youth encounter each other and what's been using the pamphlet then. i'll like the input to think handed this - the emotions maybe so high the person couldn't read this and comprehended it and so maybe the bulletin addresses this in conveying the
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information. what do you anticipate in your approach? >> well, first in our effort getting it into the schools and advocate groups we're hoping by marketing it that way we're getting it out prior to the officers interaction prior to where the officers need to take action. we know that sometimes, the officers are dealing with an incident and won't be quick to pull out the pamphlet. the officers are discouraged u encouraged to pull out the pamphlet. in fact, i asked an officer about the pamphlet. and he said every time i arrest a youth i give them a pamphlet. that maybe after the fact but i
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was pleased the officer knows about it and it's important. i will concluded by saying it's important to market it well in advance and we need to continue to do that and we ask that the public look at our website because it's there as well >> thank you captain. and from the youth confirmations. i wonder if you would address the same question in terms of as young people what's your take perhaps some youth have encounters with the police have if their handed them and if they have the ability to read it
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regardless of language. there are various levels of literacy. and so what a thoughts do you have in that regard or am i just imagining issues >> well, from ages 14 to 18 i was xeenl involved in the system with the kids. i mean in my opinion what i believe will work best when a minor has been arrested perhaps as you put him in the back of the patrol car maybe it's itself initiative that the officer takes in route to the juvenile probation department he can do somerd or maybe he can have his parents involved or a lawyer we
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think that will work best. when a minor it being detained so thank you for doing that. that's what i believe >> thank you commissioner if i can add i'm sorry. even at that moment i'm saying that the youth may not get what the officer is trying to do so the backlash from the youth is i don't care what you give me at that point. it doesn't mean that is youth get what the officer is trying to do >> the justin gesture is important what i'm hearing. the gesture is important but that's one instance. so even if i can't read if
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you're government teacher is telling you about this and having it go through a program it has to be done through a big brother program >> there still is an outstanding concern around the resources put into the materials. and there's an important thing to get the school district to get those printed but thinking in terms of this ongoing effort to make sure that those are put into the hands of the youth before an incident takes place. they need to know how to fund this on an ongoing site
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>> the library maybe a good place. >> we've had preliminary discussed but no decisions on who's going to house the responsibility but we need to focus on this as we continue. >> if i can introduce the guy who's come up. to me the opportunity for officers to - to me this would be a great opportunity for officers to interact with young people on a customer service basis if he could use that first class. to me ail the officers like i'm not trying to tell the chief how to do this by tell the kids you want them to know their rights.
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and not in an arresting situation so i won't have to. i think it's a great pr move and it will go a long way in establishing relationships with police officers and youth >> we'll figure attest. >> well, first of all, i don't know how old you guys are i'm saying i'm so impressed every time you guys come out. your ability to come out and advocate your case pr i've got kids in the university school district their younger than you guys but i have


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